Outdoor Adventure and Epilepsy

A conversation with Fran Turauskis on the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast

Fran Turauskis is a writer and creator of the Seize Your Adventure podcast, which showcases stories of adventurers and outdoor lovers alike who also happen to have epilepsy, After Fran walked the Camino de Santiago, solo, in 2017, she became uncomfortable with descriptions such as ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’ when people learned about her epilepsy diagnosis. She created the Seize Your Adventure podcast to normalize the idea of epilepsy in adventure settings. Fran has a lot of good ol’ adventure stories to share with us as well we discuss where this all fits in both the classic and emerging adventure narratives. If you looking for more information on this term the “adventure narrative” check back to episode 2 of this podcast where we break that term down in detail with Bob Henderson. Check out Fran’s work at her website Seize Your Adventure, as well, Follow Fran on Twitter | Facebook.

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Joshua David Bennett

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