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Joshua David Bennett
2 min readJan 20, 2021

One of my favorite sayings, “Nature is the home of culture”, tells us that there would be no culture without nature. Despite countless hubristic attempts by humanity to detach itself from its home, so-called acts of nature eternally reminds us of our integral and consequential place in what it commonly called nature, the environment or even the more-than-human world. 2. Considering the multitude of urgent socio-cultural issues that are either produced or derived from the human-made climate crisis, it would be negligent to exclude the ecosystem from the foundation of any discussion on cultural or structural change. A transnatural perspective offers a shift from anthropocentrism in the discussion of socio-cultural issues — not to dismiss humans — but rather to thread our focus on the global ecosystem across cultures and landscapes.

The Transnatural Perspectives Podcast is part of a growing archive of audio interviews, writings and other media inspired by the experiences of researchers and practitioners in a number of fields related to the Outdoor and Environmental Social Studies. Along this transnatural journey, a compilation of conversations with an international collection of creative minds and critical thinkers continues to grow. Talks with teachers, travel guides, journalists, academics, architects, artists and activists make up some of the many people who share their approaches to sustainability in fascinating ways from their own unique perspectives and positions in life.

An initial goal of the program is to provide entertaining conversations that inspire listeners to reflect upon their own approach toward ecosocial sustainability and renegotiate methods in this time of the Anthropocene (1). As well, by providing an accessible platform for both notable voices and those less heard, the program aims to further democratize information that may otherwise get stuck in inaccessible journals and other exclusive silos of knowledge.

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Originally from Florida, Josh Bennett is an Environmental Social Science Educator, Writer and Outdoor Guide based in Norway with a focus on communicating for ecosocial sustainability.

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Joshua David Bennett

Host: Transnatural Perspectives Podcast. Educator, Guide, Communication Artist. Cultivating perspectives on Society & Culture across Environments & Landscapes