A conversation from the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast with Artist & Researcher Ernie Roby-Tomic

Ernie Roby-Tomic is a multimedia artist and researcher who uses, among many mediums and methods, music, poetry, archival research, video game design, GIS and 3D printing via the paradigms of Electracy and Verticality to tell the stories of resource extraction of rural coal country culture in West Virginia in the United states.

Roby-Tomic’s multi-faceted approach is one of great authenticity, telling the story of this crucial and highly politicized slice of US culture and history, but also the story his own upbringing as a child of a West Virginia coal miner. Roby-Tomic’s work explore themes of of resource extraction and…

A conversation with Experiential Educator Árpád Bárnai on the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast

Photo Courtesy of Árpád Bárnai

Árpád Bárnai is the Head of Training and Development at the Academy of Experience in Budapest. The Academy supports local youth in foster care programs and Roma communities though offering Outdoor and Experiential Education workshops, activities and other community building exchange opportunities.

Bárnai works at the core of what this podcast is all about, upon the intersection of social, cultural, and ecological sustainability. …

Dr. Ove Daniel Jakobsen talks with the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast about Systems change,“The Good Life”, Anarchism and Ecological Economics.

Dr. Ove Daniel Jakobsen is a Researcher, Writer and Professor of Ecological Economics in the Business School at Nord University all the way up in the Arctic town of Bodø, Norway. Dr. has dedicated his life to the study of Ecological Economics and has written many books on the topic including his latest, Anarchism and Ecological Economics.

Ecological Economics takes a Transdisciplinary approach to the topic of economics that connects Ecology, Sociology and Culture while integrating a holistic, decentralized, community lead…

In her new book, The Life Cycle, Dr. Kate Rawles travels the length of South America by bike to tell the story of biodiversity loss on the continent.

Dr. Kate Rawles writes about her long distance bicycle journeys to inspire environmental action. Photo courtesy of outdoorphilosophy.co.uk

Listen to the full podcast episode here

Dr. Kate Rawles is an Outdoor Philosopher, Writer, Cyclist and activist who is using her love for epic journeys to communicate on environmental issues. Her upcoming book,The Life Cycle, sets our focus on Biodiversity as she bikes from Costa Rica to the southern tip of South American.

Through her books and subsequent traveling slideshows, Rawles aims to engage readers to take action via her detailed…

Featuring Researcher Alice Wilson

Alice Wilson is an ERSC funded PhD researcher in Urban Sociology at the University of York in the U.K. Wilson’s PhD research focuses on the experiences of women in the UK Tiny House movement and the potential that Tiny Houses have to address inter-generational justice issues whilst moving closer to achieving our environmental justice goals in the U.K. and around the world. As well, Wilson is the Director of OpHouse Tiny housing project in York & co-founder of Women in Academia.

We discuss the housing crisis, neoliberal governance, feminism, nature connection and more in the tiny house movement.

Connect with Alice via her website http://tinyhouseresearch.co.uk/ OR Twitter https://twitter.com/neither_both

Listen to the Podcast http://www.transnaturalperspectives.com/#podcast

One of my favorite sayings, “Nature is the home of culture”, tells us that there would be no culture without nature. Despite countless hubristic attempts by humanity to detach itself from its home, so-called acts of nature eternally reminds us of our integral and consequential place in what it commonly called nature, the environment or even the more-than-human world. 2. Considering the multitude of urgent socio-cultural issues that are either produced or derived from the human-made climate crisis, it would be negligent to exclude the ecosystem from the foundation of any discussion on cultural or structural change. …

A Conversation with Dr. Bob Henderson

Photo provided by bobhenderson.ca

Dr. Bob Henderson is an Outdoor Educator, Travel Guide, Speaker and Author of many great books on both Canadian Outdoor Recreation and Norwegian Friluftsliv. As well, Bob was a professor of Outdoor Education for 29 years at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. In this episode, Bob joins us from the Oak Ridges Moraine in Ontario for a conversation on trends observed in outdoor activities, land use, education and more in the COVID era (thus far) as they relate to Ecological Consciousness. We also reflect on how these trends may influence the years to come. …

Laura Owen Sanderson founder of We Swim Wild

Gazing down from a birds eye view over a gloomy quarry on a winter day in Wales, a tiny red dot is seen steadily crossing the lake below, stroke by stroke. The next shot drops to sea level, revealing the face of Laura Owen Sanderson, a Welsh wild swimmer and conservationist, as she glides across the frame in a short-film about her Hydrotherapy. Sanderson can be often found, but rarely seen, in the remote waterways of the national park that surrounds her home in North Wales. Stealthy amphibious activity, stark black hair and a matching wet suit renders Sanderson near…

A conversation with Fran Turauskis on the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast

Fran Turauskis is a writer and creator of the Seize Your Adventure podcast, which showcases stories of adventurers and outdoor lovers alike who also happen to have epilepsy, After Fran walked the Camino de Santiago, solo, in 2017, she became uncomfortable with descriptions such as ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’ when people learned about her epilepsy diagnosis. She created the Seize Your Adventure podcast to normalize the idea of epilepsy in adventure settings. Fran has a lot of good ol’ adventure stories to share with us as well we discuss where this…

Based on a conversation from the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast with Zero to Travel’s host Jason Moore on developing a travel mindset that brings fulfillment to oneself and the world around them.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Moore

Exiting the subway somewhere on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, I am met by fellow US American and travel podcast host, Jason Moore. We begin the hike to his home in this suburban family neighborhood. Such a casual trek is commonplace in this wilderness laden Norwegian capital where Moore, a prolific traveler and nomadic-entrepreneur, has decided to call home. In this time of pandemic isolation and seasonable darkness, the…

Joshua David Bennett

Host: Transnatural Perspectives Podcast. Educator, Guide, Communication Artist. Cultivating perspectives on Society & Culture across Environments & Landscapes

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